In a very simple way, the telescopic COVER Tube set can be made to measure on site by only one person. Thanks to the 2 versions, a quick solution is within reach for pools with a width between 3,3 and 5,5 meter. 

The tubular COVER Motor fits seamlessly into the COVER Tube and is controlled by the LINK Cover or LINK Master for easy opening and closing of your safe cover.

The COVER Wall Duct is a readymade cover system to be used for new pool installations. Can be fitted in concrete and brickwork pools or in ‘Thin Wall’ swimming pools.

The COVER Cable Duct is a dedicated cover system for pool renovation projects. Can be used in concrete and brickwork swimming pools.

The COVER Hanging System is a cover system for new pools and retrofit projects . Can be used in any pool providing support for the installation of the mounting plate.