VISION Moonlight offers you a range of fixed and dynamic lights. In for a party, or just relaxing? Pick a mood! VISION Moonlight can transform your pool in a fascinating play of light and colours.

VISION Spectra offers you the DVM range of lamps with medium levels of lumen output and the DVS range of lamps with strong levels of lumen output for fully lit pools. Available in whites and fixed colours, including dynamic scenarios. By turning the lamps OFF and quickly back ON, you can give your swimming pool a totally different look. Great to use with the optional LINK Drivers for easy remote control

VISION Adagio Pro lights offer you a range of fixed colours and dynamic scenarios. With just one click on the remote, you can give your swimming pool a totally different look.

VISION Pro is the magnificently designed pool light range with superior light outputs. All in one lamps with tunable whites and fixed colours including dynamic scenarios. Fitted with the Quick ConnectTM, extremely reliable and easy to mount connector. Dedicated VISION Wall Conduits make ultra-flat fitting possible. Great to use with the optional LINK Controller and LINK Master for full control.

Because there are many types of pools and materials, the DURAVISION family offers a wide range of wall conduits for any kind of application. In most conduits the internal cable gland keeps the cable tube dry and allows for cable replacement. The inside of our conduits can hold a cable long enough to reach above the surface of the water, changing a light has never been easier. Check out our newest family member, the rugged and indestructible Stainless Steel conduit.

A wide selection of face plates is available for the VISION Spectra and VISION Adagio Pro to offer you the opportunity to give a personal touch to your pool.

DURAVISION is much more than a range of lights. Our engineers have developed a number of solutions in order for you to be able to replace old school lights by modern technology or replace broken lights of no longer existing manufacturers with here-to-stay light sources.